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Communication With Parents


During induction the parents / carers will meet with the pupil’s teacher and teaching staff. If the pupil has an EHC plan they will also meet with the SENCo to discuss their child’s needs. Alder Brook staff will endeavour to make themselves available if a parent/carer would like to discuss issues or gain an update on their child’s progress but in an ideal situation an appointment would be made so staff can be made available to meet with the parent/carer. A child’s class teacher or teaching staff from their classroom will contact parents/carers twice a week to give feedback on the child’s successes in the day and possible incidences. If there is an issue during the school day or on transport parents/carers will be called, if there is no answer a text message will be sent for parents to contact the school immediately.


We run coffee mornings each term where parents/ carers are invited to join their child in class. This is an opportunity for parents/carers to meet with their child’s teaching staff to discuss progress, positive strategies and discuss any issues both from parents/carers or staff. The SENco is available to talk with parents/carers when they are in on any of the coffee mornings.


Parent feedback sheets are shared and completed by parents on the termly coffee mornings and are kept on file. Also if a parent comes into school for a meeting with staff this is recorded and kept on the pupil’s profile. Also every time a parent is contacted this is recorded on the pupil’s chronology profile. The family liaison officer feeds back to parents on their views and opinions and any actions taken based on the parent feedback form.