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Our Therapy Dog - Ruud

We are writing to tell you all about our school dog Ruud. He is a Fox Red Labrador and he is 2 years, his birthday is 16th November 2020.

In our school he helps us to calm down, sits with us when we are sad, helps children regulate, listens to us read, helps us focus and keeps us safe. One of our favourite things he does is licks our tears away when we are upset, he also gives us big hugs.

He makes us feel happy, relaxed, confident, calm, ready for work, nice and excited when he plays with us. We are very lucky as a school to have a dog like Ruud, we believe the benefits of having Ruud in our school are; helps us a lot, protects us, helps us get through the tough things and makes school a happy place to be.

“I love him he’s the best” – Pupil from Butterfly Class

If you have any questions about Ruud, please feel free to contact school or Miss Ayre.


Pupils from Alderbrook