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Values & Ethos

Alder Brook values every individual and strives to develop the whole child. We provide a safe, nurturing environment for pupils with social and emotional needs whilst ensuring academic progress. We aim to provide a creative, exciting and inclusive curriculum that all our children enjoy, building their self-confidence and ultimately provide every child with the necessary tools to become successful in the future.

Our school and curriculum values are:


 At Alder Brook our curriculum celebrates diversity within our society giving the pupils opportunities to learn about different cultures and religions and celebrating the diversity in our class, school, local community and beyond.


 At Alder Brook we have high expectation for all pupils to make progress. Our curriculum is designed to support pupil’s social and emotional needs and is designed to promote outstanding academic progress.


 We provide a nurturing curriculum where all pupils will be respected and supported to make the most effective progress both socially or academically. Classroom environments are positive welcoming places to learn whilst the curriculum provides a range opportunities to promote well -being.


 At Alder Brook we aim to develop pupils creativity through teaching the arts and providing the children with experiences of the wider world.


 Our curriculum is designed to develop a love of learning in children. Lessons have been designed to maximize enjoyment and engagement.

Safety: Pupils have a right to feel safe in their school from Bullying and Prejudice. The curriculum at Alder Brook is designed to promote respect for each other and also inform pupils in an open honest way about the changing society we love in.