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Management Committee

All committee members are appointed by the full committee.

Community and Associate members are chosen and appointed by the management committee and are selected to bring relevant skills to the committee.

Staff and Parent members are then approved by the full committee.

Management Committee 2023-2024
Previous Members
NameRole/TypeTerm of OfficeConflicting Interests
Ms Gill EvansChair of Governors26/09/20 - 25/09/24Also a member of the following governing bodies: Castle Hill Primary School
Mr Giles CaldwellHeadteacher22/11/17Also a member of the following governing bodies: Lewis Street and Clarendon Road
Mrs Almut Bever-WarrenTrust Appointed Governor22/11/21 - 21/11/25Headteacher/Governor at New Park Junior School
Ms Julie OwenTrust Appointed Governor28/01/23 - 27/01/27Also a member of the following governing body: Oakwood Academy as chair, The Canterbury Centre PHRU as headteacher.
Mrs Debbie RamsayTrust Appointed Governor22/11/21 - 21/11/25Also a member of the following governing bodies: The Clifton Centre PRU, The New Broadwalk PRU, The Silverdale Federation, The Canterbury Centre as an Observer.
Ms Rachel BerryTrust Appointed Governor13/10/22 - 30/10/26Employed by Lark Hill Community Primary School
Ms Nikki BentleyStaff13/02/23 - 12/02/27None
Mr James McDonaldParent15/07/21 - 14/07/25None
Mrs Sue WoodgateObserver27/09/20 - 26/09/24Also a member of the following governing bodies: High Peak Federation, Albion Academy, New Broadwalk PHRU, Stockport Canal Boat Trust., The Silverdale Federation, Feryal Rajah Trust as trustee, Chatsworth Academy Trust as trustee, Kings Academy Trust
Ms Kate LivesleyObserver19/12/21 - 18/12/25None
Mrs Alison McGuirkObserver15/11/23 - 14/11/27None
NameRole/TypeTerm of OfficeConflicting Interests
Ms Sarah MilesAssociate Member01/01/15 - Summer 2018None
Ms Louise Staple-HughesCommunity22/11/17 - Summer 2018None
Ms Corinne StevensStaff16/10/14 - Spring 2018None
Ms Judith WhittleworthParent26/01/16 - 25/01/17None
Ms Beverley CowanCommunity17/06/2021 - 06/09/2021None

Committee Meeting Attendance

Management Committee Attendance 2021 - 2022

Mrs Kate LivesleyAttendedAttendedAttendedAttended
Miss Nicki BentleyAttendedApologies acceptedAttendedApologies accepted
Rachel Berry Apologies acceptedApologies acceptedAttendedApologies accepted
Mrs Almut Bever-Warren Apologies acceptedApologies acceptedAttendedAttended
Mr Giles CaldwellAttendedAttendedAttendedAttended
Ms Gill Evans Apologies acceptedAttendedAttendedAttended
Samantha FargherAttendedAttendedAttendedAttended
Mr James McDonaldAttendedNo Apologies sentAttendedAttended
Julie OwenAttendedApologies acceptedApologies acceptedNo Apologies sent
Debbie Ramsay AttendedAttendedAttendedAttended
Hayley SilcockAttendedAttendedAttended
Mrs Sue WoodgateAttendedAttendedAttendedAttended

Management Committee Attendance 2022 - 2023

Mrs Kate BentleyAttendedAttendedApologies Accepted
Miss Nicki BentleyApologies AcceptedApologies AcceptedAttended
Mrs Rachel BerryAttendedApologies AcceptedAttended
Mrs Almut Bever-WarrenAttendedAttendedAttended
Mr Giles CaldwellAttendedAttendedAttended
Ms Gill EvansAttendedAttendedAttended
Mrs Samantha FargherAttendedAttendedAttended
Mr James McDonaldAttendedAttendedAttended
Ms Julie OwenAttendedApologies AcceptedAttended
Mrs Debbie RamsayAttendedAttendedAttended
Mrs Sue WoodgateAttendedAttendedAttended

Management Committee Attendance 2023 - 2024

Governor08/11/2316/11/23 07/02/202425/06/2024
Mrs Kate BentleyAttendedAttendedAttendedAttended
Miss Nicki BentleyAttendedApologies AcceptedAttendedAttended
Mrs Rachel BerryAttendedAttendedAttendedAttended
Mrs Almut Bever-WarrenAttendedApologies AcceptedAttended
Mr Giles CaldwellAttendedAttendedAttendedAttended
Mr James McDonaldAttendedApologies AcceptedAttendedAttended
Mrs Alison McGuirkAttendedAttendedAttendedAttended
Ms Julie OwenNo Apologies AcceptedApologies AcceptedApologies AcceptedAttended
Mrs Debbie RamsayApologies AcceptedAttendedAttended
Mrs Sue WoodgateAttendedAttendedAttendedAttended
Ms Gill EvansApologies AcceptedApologies AcceptedAttendedAttended