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Within two weeks of entering Alder Brook, all children complete assessments in reading, phonics, writing and maths. They are also screened for dyslexic traits and complete a test of Abstract Language Comprehension (T.A.L.C.). If there are felt to be any other additional needs, a pupil is referred for the appropriate screening and assessment. The Social, Emotional and Mental Health needs of pupils are ascertained using a range of tools, including observations, completion of a Strengths and difficulties Questionnaire, discussions with the child, their previous school and parents. Also where appropriate liaison with external specialists.

At the end of each term, each child completes a formal reading and maths assessment. Writing is assessed regularly and a formal stage is recorded at the end of each term. .

Assessment is used to inform planning of lessons and appropriate interventions that are needed. It is also used to highlight possible barriers to learning.